How To Pass A Drug Swab Test

According to Home Health (2015), Swab drug tests are cheap and simple to undertake. It is a non-invasive test and results can be determined instantly. Anyone can do it with ease. The question that remains to be answered is how do you pass a Swab drug test?

Fortunately or unfortunately, swab drug tests are easier to pass than blood or urine test since drugs disappear from the saliva within twenty four to seventy two hours. In order to pass Mouth Swab Test, Drug testing (2015) recommends that you should not use the drugs 72 hours before the test. This is one of the easiest techniques. Its effectiveness depends on the type of drug. Dank Ninja has some great information on this.

Some drug stay in the blood for longer and are continuously released through body fluids such as saliva. It is hence imperative for you to keep off the drugs for considerable period of time This will lower the concentration of the drugs in the body system and hence minimize the chances of detection through swabs.

The other technique is to wipe your mouth with cotton swab. Although this is uncomfortable, it will help in removing some drug residuals in the mouth. The process will help reduce the chances of detecting drugs in ones mouth (Denis, J. 2015).

Moreover, eating a high fat meal one hour before the test has been found to help minimize detection of drug use The high fat meal helps to push drug residuals down the digestive system. Therefore taking high fat meal coupled with drinking lots of water can drastically facilitate the rate that the drugs would move down the digestive system and thus increasing the chances of passing a drug test (How to Pass Saliva Test, 2015). The other method is chewing ice. This can be done until testing time The trick of chewing ice is that it helps in keeping the mouth freshly rinsed (How to Pass Saliva Test, 2015). It also helps to clean drug residuals from the mouth thus increasing the chances of passing drug test.

Saliva detox is also another method to consider. More saliva has less concentration of drugs. One can increase production of saliva in the mouth by chewing gum. The trick is to dilute the drug residuals in the mouth and also wash them down the gut. This does not completely eliminate drugs from the mouth since most of the drugs get into the saliva from the blood. To increase effectiveness, the chewing-gums should contain cinnamon, strong mint flavors or Altoid mints which will help mask drugs in the mouth (Mouth Swab Test, 2015).

The other methods include use of ultra detox mouth washes to rinse your mouth. Some mouthwash products are alcohol based hence can lead to a false positive for alcohol use Other products to consider including Klean ultra detox drink, magnum saliva cleaner, synthetic urine kit, 7 day total detox program and daily pretox capsules. These products work by masking drug traces or cleansing user’s body (Baselt, 1982).

In conclusion the only best way to pass drug test is to avoid using drugs in the first place. The above suggestions are not 100% effective (McBay, 1987). People should be cautious while using some chemicals to detox since some products are alcohol based and hence can lead to false positive for alcohol use Taking poppy seed can also give a false positive for drug use.

Swab drug test

Drug Swab Test


4 Steps To Fixing A Loose Vagina

I’ve had this problem for many years and many other ladies are faced with the problem of having a loose vagina at some point in their lives. This feeling can negatively affect one’s self-esteem and even reduce their desire for intimacy.
What causes the vaginal to loosen? There are three major reasons:

  • Multiple childbirth, especially if you don’t spaced out your children
  • Naturally through age
  • Certain illnesses and health conditions


Are you there wondering how to tighten your vag? If you are, do not give up hope, all is not lost. You can actually keep your lady part tight till the day you die. Here are four effective ways through which you can tighten your vagina.


1. Kegel exercises You should consider this one of the best ways to naturally tighten a flabby vagina. Kegel exercise target to strengthen the pelvic floor. You should discern that it is not your vagina that is loose it is the pelvic floor muscles that are. These muscles are similar to any other muscles in the body. The more you exercise them, the stronger they become.

How do you do Kegel exercise Basically, you tighten your pelvic floor muscles for three seconds and relax for three seconds. Do this repeatedly for 10-15 times each session. You can do this as often as possible. The best thing about Kegel exercise is that you can do them anywhere. No one will even notice.


Note that if you are tightening your stomach, anal or thigh muscle in the process, then you are not doing it right.


2. Using Vaginal cones and geisha balls They appear like a tampon but they have weights attached to them. They are one of the most effective ways of exercising those loose muscles. Geisha or Ben-WA balls are weighted balls. You insert them into your vagina to exercise your muscles.

How do they work? The balls come in different weights. You start with the lightest and then move on to heavier ones. Essentially, you insert the cone with the weight hanging and try to hold it such that it does not fall. With the Geisha balls, you insert them and also use your muscles to prevent them from sliding out. This means that you really have to engage your muscles to hold them in place.


3. Using organic herbs Some plants have been found to be helpful in tightening the vaginal. Such herbs include Curcuma Comosa. On top on tightening your muscles, this herb helps protect from prolapse of the vaginal surface walls. It also reduces menstrual cramps, treats dry skin and reduces the hot flashes. Another such herb is the Pueraria Mirifica. It accelerates genital tissue regrowth that helps tighten your lady parts. It also neutralizes hormonal imbalance and can actually help prevent cervical cancer!

4. Using vaginal tightening gel If you are the sort that does not want to exercise, you can buy a gel to help tighten your vagina. There are many types of virginal tightening gels in the market today, such as a V-tight gel, 18 Again Vagina Tightening Cream, the list is endless. You simply apply the gel to the vaginal area. They help tighten its walls as well as any loose skin. You should be careful when buying such cream. Some will do more harm than good.


Why You Should Be Doing Kegel Exercises

For My first post I want to Cover Kegel Exercises


If you have recently given birth to a baby, then you would have known that your vagina is not as tight as it was prior to the pregnancy. Although it seems a normal thing but while having intercourse, you and your partner won’t feel the same pleasure again due to the lack of tightness in your vagina. Apart from the pregnancy, there are several other reasons that may cause the lose vagina walls. No matter what the reason is, the main thing that you should know is that you can’t have same pleasure you would have get with tight vagina.

So, the question arises, is there any safe way to treat this? Well.. there are a few things that you can try. Here’s the list of things that you can do to retain the tightness and relive the entertainment that you have missed in past few years.


1. Exercise

There are plenty of exercises available for tightening the vagina muscles. You can either try them all, or get an expert’s help to know which exercise may help you the most. One of the most popular exercises for tightening the walls of vagina is the Kegel exercise. You can try this exercise without any expert guidance. Just try it a few times and you can experience the change. The Kegel/Kejel exercise is often treated as the best and the easiest way to regain the tightness.

2. Using the natural creams, lotions available in the market for vagina tightening

Apart from the exercises, there are several products available in the market that promotes themselves as the best option to regain the desired tightness without any exercise. Although as a cautious user, choosing one product is a tough task. If you are to choose a product to retain he tightness, then it is advised that you should choose the one that has all-natural ingredients in it, and has several good user reviews and has been tried by many users. One such product is v tight gel. You can rely on it as it has thousands of satisfied users and is made up of all natural ingredients, so it is 100% safe to use.

3. Using the pelvic exerciser/vaginal cone

Pelvic exercises or vaginal cones are also some of the best ways to tighten your vaginal walls. They are extremely easy to use and are available in almost all medical online stores. Just make sure that you are using them correctly in order to see the desired positive results. You can also refer to the online videos or tutorials to use them in a proper way.

4. Yoga Poses

Yoga is becoming popular to improve overall living and getting a healthy lifestyle. A few poses in ancient yoga not only help you to regain the tightness, but also improves the sexual life. So, try them and enjoy your sexual life at the best.
In all, if you are the one who feels irritated by missing required tightness of vagina, then try the above listed tips to regain the tightness and spark in your sex life. Best of luck.