How To Repair Concrete

Repairing concrete can be a daunting project for many people. Concrete is made of paste and rocks. It is the most used building material in construction sites since it is resilient. Although tough, it can easily crack and degenerate resulting to crumbling. The main reason for this is moisture and extreme temperature changes. However, with the right tools, it is easy to repair. The repairs require a few tools and no special skills but since it requires a lot of bending, you should have a strong back. The most important thing to remember is to wear protective clothing like welding glasses and gloves that are not easily destroyed.

The items you will need are a brush, chisel, hammer, repair concrete in a bottle and a sealant. Repairing concrete and doing driveway repairs Auckland can be done on cracks, edges on concrete walks and corners. If the repair is on an edge, use a small piece of wood as a form and a brick to hold it in place as you trowel and flatten the repair concrete over the damaged area When the damaged concrete is on a corner use two small pieces of wood by first securing them together to create a corner then place them against the corner you need repaired and use bricks to hold them in place. Making sure the top is flush with the rest of the floor, trowel the mixture into the area and tamp to avoid air pockets.

When you are repairing a crack, make sure the area surrounding the crack is clean and free from debris and dirt. If the crack is smaller than % “, widen it using a chisel and hammer. Remove all the loose material using a brush. Clean the surface with a stream of clean water and dry it off with a cloth.

The next step is cutting the concrete repair bottle until its width is the same as the crack. Squeeze the cement from the bottle into the crack until it fully fills up all the way through. You can then use a trowel to flatten the added cement until it is at the same level as the rest of the surface. The cement will begin to harden after 30 to 40 minutes and will have completely dried in about 3 hours.
Cut open the sealant to the same width as the crack and fill the crack to above the surface level to allow for shrinkage. If the crack is bigger than 1/4”, use the sealant as many times as needed giving it 24 hours before each application. This interval allows the sealant to settle into the crack correctly.

If your time is limited, you can use self-leveling sealant. After cutting the top to the same width as the crack, move it slowly over the crack allowing it to dry. This sealant only requires two additions as it is self-leveling and they should be done one after another to allow them to dry at the same time.

Excessive sealant left on the closed crack should be cleaned up using a solvent or a citrus-based cleaner immediately to avoid it drying over the rest of the surface. Removing paint from concrete is done by a pressure wash and then scrubbing the area with a brush. You then apply a chemical paint remover. Repeat the process again until all the paint is gone.

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How To Pass A Drug Swab Test

According to Home Health (2015), Swab drug tests are cheap and simple to undertake. It is a non-invasive test and results can be determined instantly. Anyone can do it with ease. The question that remains to be answered is how do you pass a Swab drug test?

Fortunately or unfortunately, swab drug tests are easier to pass than blood or urine test since drugs disappear from the saliva within twenty four to seventy two hours. In order to pass Mouth Swab Test, Drug testing (2015) recommends that you should not use the drugs 72 hours before the test. This is one of the easiest techniques. Its effectiveness depends on the type of drug. Dank Ninja has some great information on this.

Some drug stay in the blood for longer and are continuously released through body fluids such as saliva. It is hence imperative for you to keep off the drugs for considerable period of time This will lower the concentration of the drugs in the body system and hence minimize the chances of detection through swabs.

The other technique is to wipe your mouth with cotton swab. Although this is uncomfortable, it will help in removing some drug residuals in the mouth. The process will help reduce the chances of detecting drugs in ones mouth (Denis, J. 2015).

Moreover, eating a high fat meal one hour before the test has been found to help minimize detection of drug use The high fat meal helps to push drug residuals down the digestive system. Therefore taking high fat meal coupled with drinking lots of water can drastically facilitate the rate that the drugs would move down the digestive system and thus increasing the chances of passing a drug test (How to Pass Saliva Test, 2015). The other method is chewing ice. This can be done until testing time The trick of chewing ice is that it helps in keeping the mouth freshly rinsed (How to Pass Saliva Test, 2015). It also helps to clean drug residuals from the mouth thus increasing the chances of passing drug test.

Saliva detox is also another method to consider. More saliva has less concentration of drugs. One can increase production of saliva in the mouth by chewing gum. The trick is to dilute the drug residuals in the mouth and also wash them down the gut. This does not completely eliminate drugs from the mouth since most of the drugs get into the saliva from the blood. To increase effectiveness, the chewing-gums should contain cinnamon, strong mint flavors or Altoid mints which will help mask drugs in the mouth (Mouth Swab Test, 2015).

The other methods include use of ultra detox mouth washes to rinse your mouth. Some mouthwash products are alcohol based hence can lead to a false positive for alcohol use Other products to consider including Klean ultra detox drink, magnum saliva cleaner, synthetic urine kit, 7 day total detox program and daily pretox capsules. These products work by masking drug traces or cleansing user’s body (Baselt, 1982).

In conclusion the only best way to pass drug test is to avoid using drugs in the first place. The above suggestions are not 100% effective (McBay, 1987). People should be cautious while using some chemicals to detox since some products are alcohol based and hence can lead to false positive for alcohol use Taking poppy seed can also give a false positive for drug use.

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